A First Month

It’s been a month now, since I left Sydney; four Mondays ago.

That  Monday,  I’d woken up early in a hotel room in Central.  It reminds me now of the night I stayed in Central before I went down to Melbourne to the Bowie Symposium.  That in turn reminded me of decades before when a friend had lived in a tiny turret which i could see from that window.

(pic of Central from 2015)

This time, I explored a Central side that has grown up since old factories and breweries have become high-rise fabulous apartments, winning awards.


I was staying in a hotel so that i could leave my luggage there when I handed back my key for the little studio apartment that I had rented for over a year.


I also rented a storage unit as I had too much for one little room and in the last weeks I moved as much as possible into it but still had room for my birthday cards and we had fun at Timbah on the day.


Exploring Central was a lot of fun including finding a ping pong shop.


So in the morning of that Monday I woke up, packed my bags, went back to the rental, packed up everything that was left in bags I had bought at the central Daiso shop, took the keys back to the Real Estate, went back to the hotel, had a shower, left the hotel and went to the Airport; I was exhausted so i made sure i had two gos of a massage chair when i found it.


I went and sat at the gate where the plane would take me to … Hobart.


The flight was all very well and on arrival I waited for my case where there was a seal statue on the move-a-lator to show us when one whole round was complete.  I took the airport shuttle bus which went a very roundabout route which gave me my first ever look of the city.  One of the stops before mine was Wrest Point Casino.


The first two nights I had booked at Hadley’s which is one of the oldest hotels in Hobart and a favourite of my friend Marie.

I was absolutely exhausted as well as having a cold/flu and after my sister Ek had texted that no Errol Flynn’s ghost wasnt at Hadley’s Hotel he had died in America; I fell asleep with Rage on ( a Monday night what’s more ! ).

So that was the day I arrived on this island.





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