ICEhouse and Flowers Revisited


Way back .. way back.   Thought i was pretty special.  Dancing was magic; let out a connection; felt i was within the music.  Early on it took days for a concert or film’s influence to wane.  That came back in 2015 seeing the Stones which was a good thing considering the price of the ticket, that its effect lasted practically a month of wow that seems like yesterday.

Loved Flowers; easy to dance to.  Didnt mind going alone … went down front.  Lots more memories to add, along with many many other bands i enjoyed


One time, a concert at a beach down south near cronulla i took a train with friend/s and we stopped off for a coffee – reckon they put something in the coffee !   Didnt complain.

Iva had perfect stage persona … classical background, cute face .. i had friends in Lindfield but meant more the fact that he lived there .. houses were cute, often had stained glass art noveau windows and fireplaces.


This pic was on wall for years; in Glebe that often means cockroaches ate bits of it.


I did silly things like send him a song i’d wrote about him, sewn into a cushion.


Strange that as I came into Tasmania to live for however long, the aiport bus into Hobart wound its way around the hotels, including Wrest Point Casino before reaching mine; and at that, prominently displayed, were two Icehouse concerts that weekend.  Thirty-six years after that 2SM concert.   I did go to see “Boxes” with the Sydney Dance Company, and was sad to see that his marriage didnt last.

Of course I went – just to one .. I was still recovering from a cold that i contracted while moving, and felt a bit silly.   I didnt need to though as although I was older, I was soon down the front surrounded by women who idolised .. Iva.   I even wrote to the facebook page … which encouraged one to .. and received a reply, thanking me for supporting Icehouse.

Before the gig, I went outside onto the balcony overlooking the ferry stop.


At first I sat in my seat and talked to a lady next to me,


but we soon made our way down the front and I surprised myself by dancing, but basically was amazed at how a lot of the crowd acted just like i did all those years ago;


Some of the ladies near me were so friendly, calling him a ‘fossil’ just like her son calls her; i guess I’m one too !


I left pretty soon afterwards; no need to go again; aware that by going down the front at the side i missed the fabulous graphics; back to my hotel room in Hobart Town