Notes on A Shopping List B4 Recycled

Not being a particularly tidy person, when it is necessary to do such i build up all sorts of defences .. however am getting better.   Some things I cant bear to throw away, so now i make piles of like-minded things, such as shopping lists which on the back of them have various names and ideas I want to look up so provide links here ..

Robert Carl Sticht : an American who introduced pyritic smelting to Tasmania and had the mineral stichtite named after him.  The Felton Bequest gave some of his art collection to National Gallery of Victoria.

Eric Thomas Galley Museum – Queenstown, Tasmania : over 1,000 photographs and memorabilia in 23 rooms giving insight into past lives.  $5 admission

Roger Murphy – watercolourist

Tasmania once part of America say scientists looking at 1.5billion year-old rocks

ABC Open – the other storytelling sites seem to be in abeyance at this time

James Dryburgh – writer

Another one – this time a ripped out page of a spiral-binded notebook ..

Chimanmanda Ngozi Adiche, writer : inspired by Chinua Achebe

Nigerian Soups ( fuf and onugbu soup mentioned in Adiche’s Purple Hibiscus as is ofe nsala, harmattan wind, Igbo peoples and yes i had to look up glass etagere ! )

.. another one crumpled up into recycling / tinder box and the tidying continues …





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